Social Media

I give presentations and workshops dealing with social media and it’s importance. I am particularly fasinated by how social media is able to impact: non-profits, religious institutions, small businesses, entertainment and schools.

During these presentations and workshops you will learn how to reach your goals using social media. Whether it be gaining an audience or making more profit at low costs.

Social Media is an Umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate
technology, social interaction and the construction of word, pictures, video and audio.

Social media is basically people having discussions via the internet.

WHY IS Social Media Important?

Social Media sites are the most popular sites in the world. (more popular than naughty

If you are not involved in some aspect of social media you are missing out BIG

The old way of communicating by providing your audience with a dissertation has
become irrelevant.

Around 13% believe ads that they see or hear

82% of people trust the opinions, suggestions and recommendations of friends, family,
peers and colleagues.

Transitioning from a one-way street of a website to a two-way street which is what social media provides.

The Value in having a discussion is that it:

is inclusive
is authentic
is engaging
is transparent

It does not provide:
a hidden agenda
a controlled environment

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