Fitness for your trainer’s benefit

So you are working with someone in order to get in shape and supposedly fit. Yes I said supposedly fit. Reason being is that sometimes the people you work with are not getting you in the shape that you need to be in but rather than the shape that they want you to be in for their needs.

bad fitness instructor
bad fitness instructor

The way this typically happens is by fitness professionals getting you to make drastic often quick physical changes. These changes benefit the fitness professional more than you because you become a living, walking, breathing billboard for them. They know that people will began to ask them where did they go to lose weight. You will in turn tell them thus gaining more business for the trainer you are working with.

Cookie cutter diets. These are the diets that are across the board for everyone. Everyone is expected to follow the same plan in order to meet the same goal. Not a good way to go. All of our bodies are different. So we need to treat them as such. You can’t put the same type of gas in a Ferrari that you would a Toyota Camry. The same tires that you put on a Lamborgini  can’t go on a Range Rover. This same concept should pertain to your body.

Often times these rapid unconventional methods are at detriment to your overall health. You may have met your outwardly appearance goals but at what cost internally? To meet some of these supposed fitness goals you are required by your trainer to neglect certain nutrients that your body needs to function to it’s optimum efficiency. Like carbohydrates for instance.

There are these prior mentioned fitness professionals that require you to cut out carbohydrates. For the typical human body this is not good. (If you have any health issues that pertain to your carb intake, please follow your medical professional’s advice.} Carbs are a fuel source that your body needs in order for you to function properly. Without the carbs, your body acquires the energy needed from fat. So you are now actually using fat as your primary fuel source instead of carbs. So when you feel sluggish and tired guess why?

When working with any fitness professional and they give you some type of diet to adhere to. You should do some research for yourself. Educate yourself on the body and the needs of the human body. Find out if they are certified to give nutritional advice. Don’t follow cookie cutter plans. Also consult with your doctor first. There may be some health issues that you may have that you need to address prior to starting any type of diet.

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