My brothers (W11tness)

One of the people that I have grown to admire that has become apart of my life is my brother Tai. I have known Tai for quite some time now. The thing that caught my attention and admiration about this young brother of mine is that he seems to have no qualms about his past. No matter what has come his way.

Tai has mentioned that even though all things in his past are not occurrences that he would say that he has had a pleasant interaction with; he still recognizes those episodes in life that has molded him to the man that he has become today. This was made evident to me with Tai’s proclaimation of him being “the total sum of his life’s experiences”. In this statement alone I took so much from it. I extracted that he has benefited from the charity that was exhibited during his growth. That he is very appreciative of the goodwill that was shown to him and is forever grateful. I also gathered that any harm that he has received or dished out he has learned from and made use of these experiences to apply to his life in positive way. It’s like the theme song of the “Facts of Life”. You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life.

He is a very passionate about the things that he holds dear and in high value. He has a love for youth and seeing them navigate a right and just path. Tai is very optimistic and forward thinker. In spite of him being younger than me. I have found that I can learn from this brother of mine greatly. He is also the type of person you can depend on if you are in a rut. I have seen this man help someone who was in great need and gave the shoes off his feet. I’m not talking cheap shoes either. I’m talking about Jordans.

I look forward to walking this journey of life with my brother Tai a.k.a W11tness. I see so much promise in him. That one day he will be an even more powerful voice in the than what he already is. An advocate for bettering mankind. I’m not sure if Tai has political ambitions but this is certainly someone who I can see making a great Mayor let alone President for our great country. This is a little brother I would have no problem following.


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