It’s not about taking sides, it’s about doing what’s right

I woke up the first day of 2011 have somewhat of an epiphany about a discussion I had with some folk a while ago. I had a conversation with an acquaintance in the summer of 2011 about a shady situation that went down during that time with a previous entity that I was working with. Some stated that they were choosing sides. Some said they weren’t choosing a side. I then made the statement of “it’s not about taking sides, it’s about doing what is right”.

Not taking sides and doing what is right is predicated on one’s personal values.
I had another discussion with another person who witnessed wrong doing at place of employment. I was told by them that “they treat other folk that are there badly and it’s wrong but they don’t bother me so I’m cool…”. At first I thought they were justified in their statement. I was thinking if they are not bothering you then yes it’s cool. But then I thought of a situation where I witnessed true character. A co worker of mine (we’ll call her Martha:) was given the option to take sides. She was informed of wrong that was about to befall a friend of her’s at work. Rather than taking sides she decided to do what was RIGHT. When word got back of what she did (which was just to aid a friend by putting the word out about their new location☺), she was fired from her previous place of employment. Others witnessed the wrong doing and stood by and said nothing.

I awoke during the New Year thinking about that person telling me even though they witnessed wrong they did nothing cause it didn’t affect them. I then thought about how throughout history various cultures had slaves or serfs. In each situation. You had the servants who worked in the fields and the ones who worked in the home quarters. The servants that worked in the fields were often subjected to harsh and brutal conditions. Forced servitude was/is wrong and unjust. So imagine the house slave witnessing the field slave’s turmoil and saying “Well I’m not in the hot sun working to death & getting beat, so I’m good on this whole slavery deal. As long as they don’t bother me”. Versus participating in any sort of emancipation.

I then thought I needed to change what I previous thought. It’s not about taking sides. Nor standing idly by. It’s about DOING what is right.


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