Hip hop fitness & skating

I believe the best way to get into shape is to get active doing things that you enjoy doing. If you enjoy playing basketball. Play ball. There are fitness benefits to doing such things. Like dancing or skating for instance. In a previous entry on M. Nicholson Hip Hop fitness health benefits we talked about all the positive outcomes that come about from jamming to T-Pain. Read that article and compare those rewards to those of roller skating. You’ll notice how similar they are.

Benefits of skating

Quad roller skating improves your cardiovascular fitness. The American Heart Association classifies it as a vigorous-intense aerobic activity and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports recognizes it as an activity that improves fitness. By making improvements on your cardio fitness it has been that you can lower your chances of heart disease. The benefits of roller skating is said to rival that of cycling.

Another benefit of roller skating is that it works your thighs (especially inner thighs), calves, glutes, and core. You work your core due to the fact that you have to balance yourself as well as on push off.

Balance is another benefit of roller skating. Because you have to focus on staying on your two feet while skating. This forces you to take your balance into consideration. This rehearsed balancing act on skates, transfers to your balance in everyday activities. This benefit of skating is something that aging individuals should take skating into consideration. For this would aid in the reduction of falls.

Skating improves your stamina. The aerobic activity comes from the continual skating and footwork sequences. The anaerobic activity comes from performing moves such as jumps, which require a burst of energy.


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