Shrinking Product


How come $2.75 powerade seem like it’s smaller but it’s still $2.75?

There is a growing practice going on in grocery stores across the country that feels a lot like a rip off – getting LESS of a product while paying the same price. They call in shrinkage. Consumers are left feeling cheated. Getting less of something while still paying the same price is just wrong on so many levels.

Pasta, canned vegetables, crackers, candy. Where once you could get a 64-oz. jug of Tropicana orange juice, now you have to settle for 59 oz. Bags of Doritos and Fritos today contain 20 percent fewer chips than they did two years ago.

The companies are doing it a sneaky way, hoping that no one will notice. The changes are subtle and the packaging stays the same and unless you are a very observant shopper, most people really don’t even notice. It’s a marketing technique called “downsizing,” a way of passing on a price increase without technically raising the price. They are basically hiding a price increase by shrinking the size of the product.

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