Lodging at El Chorro

  1. 5550 E Lincoln Dr, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

So while sitting at 21 Cakes we were hungry. So we decided to explore and the vast resource of culinary tastebuds on Yelp and the Foodnetwork App. The plan is always to to try to go to places that are closer to the last place that we visited. I was looking for at least a 4.5 or a fiver star rating. Well between the two apps. The winner this day was El Chorro Lodge. Based off the pics I thought it was a jeans and t-shirt type of place. I also neglected to look at the amount of $s present ($$$$). Upon arrival. We notice that the people were dressed like bankers and CEOs. The prices were pretty steep but living in New Albany prepared me lol. 

This restaurant was featured on Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. One of the things they talked about on there were the sticky buns. They provide this as the bread. People rave about it but I’ve had better so let’s move on. I saw on the prior mentioned apps this amazing looking appetizer. It was call the shrimp pepper pot. I must say that in all my shrimp eating days. I’ve never had shrimp that was quite as delicious as this. The savory flavor was not overpowering. The peppery kick was quite adequate and not overbearing. The shrimp itself had a hint of bitter taste and melted just the same in your mouth. Well my mouth because I was the one eating it. The bread that it accompanied it had some butter and garlic. If you are from the southern region of the USA or familiar with soul food the term sop comes to mind to explain what I did with it and the sauce that this trip was sautéed in. I licked my fingers too. 

For my main course I ordered the Filet and substituted one of the original sides for the fingerling potatoes. The potatoes were season with salt and pepper and was prepared perfectly. The sautéed spinach was fantastic. The filet was from Nieman Ranch. I can’t do this cut of dare I say meat Justice. I will however say one of the best steaks I’ve eaten. It was buttery and seasoned well. This steak made me feel like royalty. As though I had a kitchen staff that was at my neck and call and prepared this dish soley for me!!! 

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