Schooling our children

 So I’ve heard a lot of discussions about how the teachers in our schools are not educating our children properly. I guess that’s easy to sumize due to the idea that we drop them off to school to learn and it’s their job to teach them. What should they be teaching them though?

I’m an involved parent when it comes to my sons education. Involved meaning that I take him to school. I go over his homework and help him make corrections. I talk with his teacher on the regular to make sure he is governing himself accordingly. I also show up to the school to volunteer to help the teachers, staff out as well as patrol to the school grounds to make sure the campus is safe. I must say however that my time in the classroom over the 4 years I’ve been doing it have reveiled some things to me. 

I feel it is the teachers responsibility to teach our children the various subjects that said institution has to offer. They should make sure my son can read, write, do math etc but is it their job to teach my son how to act? I feel often times nowadays we as parents don’t take the time to teach our children how they should behave when they are away at school. I feel it’s also our job to enforce the materials that they learned at school. 

Maybe little Timmy isn’t the sharpest knife in the butcher shop not because of the teachers but because we as parents. During my time sitting in numerous classrooms. I have seen children acting out and being disruptive in class. This disruption is a distraction to the surrounding students. This disruption also takes time away from teachers educating your children because they have to spend a majority of class time correcting behavior. If the teacher is expected to teach 100% of a lesson plan but has to spend 50 or 60% of the time telling little Steward to sit down and Suzy to stop throwing erasers at Billy. You do the math. Your child is only getting 50 or 40% of a lesson plan. 

Now don’t get me wrong. Yes there are two sides to this story. I have seen some horrible teachers that pretty much checked out years ago but the only way we as parents would know whether or not the teachers are educating our children properly is if we are present. So it comes back to us still. We shouldn’t rely solely on the school system to educate our children. We should be involved enough to incite change and to foster eventually within our children a sense of self accountability. 

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