When they say you can’t…


 I love how all our instructors teach classes. They are just freaking awesome. This one right here though I have to tell you this story. It’s a very interesting story. The story of how passion trumps all. 

Once upon a time Nicole, Martha and myself all worked at the same place at one point in the dance fitness realm. Martha and I were instructors at said place. Nicole handled check-in. At some point during our stint there Nicole expressed that she would like to teach. The owner of said place pretty much blew her off with the occasional “okay” but it was evident that it wasn’t going to happen. All I saw was that she had that passion. 

The thing that you have to know is that Nicole has a passion for helping people. Those are the right people to around you in this profession. That’s what I saw shine through in all our interactions. That is something I truly admired and am a fan of Nicole for besides her engaging persona. At first she seems shy but she takes control of that class like no other. 

I however ended up acquiring a partnership with said program at some point. In the back of my mind I remembered Nicole wanting to teach a dance fitness class. So with my new found partnership I felt that I would have some say in the matter now. I remember at a meeting at First Watch. I brought it up to the other owners. I stated that “Oh and on another note I know Nicole wants to instruct. I think she would make an excellent instructor.” To which I received a hearty “No I don’t think she has what it takes to be an instructor. I know what makes a good instructor and she doesn’t have it (mind you the person who said this classes were like 10 deep😒).” I was like “uh so I think I’m… Never mind.”

I said if I was in a position to have her instruct I would. Fast forward passed the ripping up of the contract. Once we started our program, Martha reminded me of how Nicole wanted to instruct but wasn’t given a chance. I talked to Nicole and she expressed that she wanted to. So we started on that path. 

The path was a rocky start. There were some people who exclaimed when Nicole first started teaching that they would never take a class with her cause they weren’t feeling her. Some of those same people have gone on to be Nicole’s biggest fans. Nicole also has class sizes that warrant a stadium. Funny thing is (not that class size matters), she has more people in her classes than the one who told her should wouldn’t be a good instructor. Funny huh? When they say you can’t. Know that you can. Peace out. 

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