I did that on purpose


Mike Nicholson Purpose
Mike Nicholson Purpose
1) Purpose: Something done intentionally.

2) Purpose: The reason someone or something is created for or exist.

In the last 3 days people have spoke to me about purpose on separate and unrelated occasions. The bottom line is when you find your purpose nothing or no one can stop you. Just find your purpose and be passionate about it. That’s pretty much it. You just have to find YOUR PURPOSE THOUGH. 

You cannot manufacture a purpose. No one ever asks you what purpose do you plan to create in your life. The question your asked is: “What is your purpose?” Meaning that it already exists. I’ve seen where people are operating in their purpose and others try to mimic them. Those who are operating in their purpose are deemed successful while those who copy are struggling with finding their identity. 
Find your purpose. Don’t try to create or emulate it. 

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