Taking The Leap

So today I decided that I would jump out of a plane. Why you ask? Well I would ask why not? It’s something to do outside of the mundane stuff one typically does regularly. It’s something outside of an routine. This has more to do with my approach to business + recently life. 

One day while doing my routine exploration of the timeline on Facebook. I came across a post of photographer and friend Robb Shirey. It was of him jumping out of a plane. I commented on the post “Aww man I want to go sky diving. Why didn’t you tell me?” in a joking sense. To which Robb responded that I could go with him at anytime and to just let him know. Now most people would have said “I was just kidding” or even said “Aiight bet!” And not go. My response was okay let’s do it and I actively persued it. 

This is my approach to my business ventures. Why wake up everyday and do the same things over and over day in and day out? Doing the same thing pretty much gives you the same results. It also negates creativity. Being creative involves doing something different. It’s an ever evolving process. Being an entrepreneur takes being able to be creative and take risks. To jump at it. 

I have a passion for helping people. I believe that is when humanity is at it's best. We go against what's natural when we function in a selfish manner. Helping others should be instinctive to us and should be a part of a leaders responsibilities. Michael Nicholson - Hip Hop Fitness

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