Because of Who I Am

You ever had a job but lost it due to who you are? (THE DAY I DECIDED TO START MY OWN THING NO MATTER WHAT) It’s been over 16 years since i’ve last had a job. I had started a career in Marketing right after college. I started out as a Production Artist, the Graphic Designer, and finally Creative Director. I quit that company after 13 months because I wanted to start my own business. I need money for rent so I decided to get another job in the time being in the marketing realm. 

A friend of mine informed me of a position at this organization that was great for. They asked for my resume and my portfolio. Upon receiving it the person hiring for the position called me elated and stated that based off of my work experience and portfolio, he was hiring me for the job. He asked me to come in and fill out the paperwork and told me I start next week. I was excited to hear this and put on my best suit and went down to the building to fill out the paperwork and take a tour.
When I arrived to the place. I went straight to the receptionist and told her why I was here. She told me to have a seat and called the director to come out. There were 5 other guys in the lobby dressed in sweats and jeans. I was the only black guy there. When the director came out he did so with such excitement and yelled with a smile “Michael Nicholson… (as he looked at all the other gentlemen in the room except me)” All five of the men shook their heads. I stood up and extended my hand for a shake. His face turned from great joy to utter disgust and disappointment as he retorted solemnly “You’re Michael Nicholson?” I said “Yes, I am he!!!:)” He said “Oh… (With the saltiest of salt Looks)” and said “You have an Eastern / Northern European name… I was expecting someone else…” AND THE JOB OFFER WAS THEN REVOKED!!!

Mike Nicholson quotes
When a door closes kick a hole in the wall. (It’s only dry wall)

To all you haters, to all you trolls, close your eyes and picture me rollin'. Deuces Michael Nicholson - Hip Hop Fitness

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