Worthington Live!

Mike Nicholson hip hop fitness Worthington Ohio
Mike Nicholson will be bringing the M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness Live experience to Worthington, Ohio.
We’ll be starting classes in the city of Thomas Worthington, Worthington, Ohio. What kind of classes you ask? Well that would be the Original Hip Hop Fitness class of Mike Nicholson. M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness will be in place on March 25th, 2017 at 9:15am at Evening St. Elementary School. 

This class is entitled Worthington Live! Reason being is that Mike is bringing the band with him on the opening up the start of expanding our program out there. If you have never been to any of our live hip hop fitness classes you need to be there. It’s an experience unlike no other. This will be the first time that the M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness Live Class will travel to another part of the city to share the experiment Dance Fitness class. 

We look forward to sharing this experience with Worthington. It will be interesting to see how this part of central Ohio reacts to this awesome concoction of musicianship, fitness, fun, sweat, accountability, and friendship. 

I have a passion for helping people. I believe that is when humanity is at it's best. We go against what's natural when we function in a selfish manner. Helping others should be instinctive to us and should be a part of a leaders responsibilities. Michael Nicholson - Hip Hop Fitness

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