Hip Hip Fitness Comes To Reynoldsburg + Pickerington

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I mean that in a literal sense. We have finally opened up out East! That's right M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness is out east now. So don't hesitate to share the news with your friends. 

We've decided to occupy the old Dance Factory location for this new venture. If you've taken classes there before you will be pleased to know that the prices we offer are lower. For $35 you can take unlimited Hip Hop Fitness classes all over the city for 30 days. Yes you heard right. All over the city. That's a lot of classes that you can take to keep you and your friends in shape. 

We want to keep this thing going and growing. So we'll need your help. Share with your friends the information of how to check us out and sign up for memberships. The membership rates we offer are $35 a month, 10 class pass for $40 (expires after 120 days) and $360 for a year. Download the app and check the calendar on the site for more information. 

To all you haters, to all you trolls, close your eyes and picture me rollin'. Deuces Michael Nicholson - Hip Hop Fitness

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