Stay The Course

In this business. I get to cross paths with many types of people and personalities. While most times it is a joy. Other times it can be quite the pain. I must say though that I truly enjoy when members of our M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness family make significant and substantial changes. I get goosebumps when I get to witness their transformations firsthand. Often times I notice the changes by not recognizing them when I see them. In this instance they become a whole new person to me. I mean that in a metaphorical and literal sense. One such individual is Tammy Chapman.

Tammy I must say has inspired me a great deal. Reason being that she possesses something that most people when it comes to fitness do not. She possesses a tremendous level of steadfastness that professionals such as myself would love to see all our clients have. Tammy rarely lets anything hinder her from getting her workouts in order for her to be a healthier version of herself. If she misses a class. She makes it up. She is not about letting excuses get in her way.

Tammy is an awesome example of consistency and commitment. She is that light in the realm of fitness that we often hear about but rarely see. I’ve noticed the results that she has gotten not only physically but also mentally. Thinking back to when she was hesitant and leery of the program to where she is at currently. I couldn’t be anymore prouder of her. I’m hoping that Tammy would allow me to interview her and get perspective. This is from my viewpoint. I would really love to hear hers and be so fortunate to share it with others.

To all you haters, to all you trolls, close your eyes and picture me rollin'. Deuces Michael Nicholson - Hip Hop Fitness

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