Mary Mary, Why Ya Hugging?

In our M. Nicholson Hip Hop Fitness family it takes all kinds to make up our fit family. We have the energizers. We have the survivors. We have the over comers. We have the fitness novices. We have the fitness fanatics. We have folks that embody every disposition known to man. I however will talk about the kind hearted. One of the ones and we have so many (don’t worry your post will come soon), goes by the name of Mary May.

I first met Mary when I was an instructor at Urban Active out in Polaris. It wasn’t your typical encounter. Reason why I say that is Mary introduced herself by way of tears. The scene was an interesting as she came up to me crying after the hip hop fitness and in transition of the an class, so that means there were a lot of people around. The onlookers gazed at me as though I had done something wrong. I myself began to wonder if I had done something to upset her. She shared with me her story and expressed that the tears were that of happiness. I felt great relief upon hearing this and after she finished her story I gave her a great big hug.

That was many years ago and Mary is still with us. Throughout those years she has blessed the business with her patronage as well as gifting us those cubbies you all are able to put your clothes and stuff in. When you meet Mary. She greets everyone with the most non-judgementa like smile and often a hug follows shortly thereafter. Mary is a beautiful and kind soul. Even if she has a rough day Mary put on her smile amour just to make others feel good and will not show it. I definitely thank her for her sunny personality. For it brightens many folks day.

I have a passion for helping people. I believe that is when humanity is at it's best. We go against what's natural when we function in a selfish manner. Helping others should be instinctive to us and should be a part of a leaders responsibilities. Michael Nicholson - Hip Hop Fitness

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