My newborn sleep

It’s late at night or early in the morning. Who even knows anymore. You have entered a world where Up is down and left is right. I world where you have minimal to no control of. A place where once alluded sleep has become a precious commodity. A place where something that is weaker than you has all the power. The world of a newborn baby.

Often times I am asked if I am getting sleep. The answer to that question is yes indeed. My sleep schedule is just split up throughout the day. Instead of the traditional 7-8 straight hours of sleep that you were said to need. It’s broken up throughout the day. The baby has to be fed and diaper changed quite frequently. You are pretty much on call everyday all day for a while. If you are or have a significant other is breast feeding. It is that much more arduous of a process.

When asked if I miss sleep. I often smile and reply yes. Why the smile you ask? Well I look at it like this. Every moment that I get to wake up to his every whim, is a moment that I know my child is alive and well. It’s another second, another minute, another hour that I get spend with him and deposit in that bank of love. For my children will never be bankrupt in that area of their life. So while I may miss sleep. I most certainly miss the time not spent with my child even more.

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