How to see your top 9 of 2017 on Instagram

Well it’s almost that time of year once again. That time when the year actually ends and a new one begins. You’ve probably had a lot of moments you wish you could forget and ones that you will cherish forever. One of the awesome things about social media is that it allows you to see some of these moments. You can do that with the help of instagram.

If you have an Instagram account you might have seen people post #2017BestNine on their pages. These images are supposed to depict your top nine best moments that you uploaded to Instagram. You most likely are wondered how they were able to do this. Well it’s quite easy.

Use your smart phone and head over to and put in your Instagram handle (name) into the text field. When you do this it will take a few seconds to access your Instagram and create a 2017 best nine collage. In order for this to take place your Instagram account has to be set to public otherwise you will not get a collage generated. So if you have it set it private, just change your settings to public for a brief moment and then set it back. Go forth and have at it.

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