Goodwill is the Monarch of this House…

He doesn’t know that I am doing this. Nor does he know I took this picture. I just want to share with you all the kind heartedness that I had the pleasure of witnessing while out at a meeting today. This is the type of stuff that we all should be able to exhibit at the drop of a hat.

While meeting up with some of my fraternity brother for a synopsis of “Black Panther“. We decided to go to Hot Chicken Takeover. This gentleman was at the top of the staircase. It was apparent that he’d been there for a while and was hungry. My fraternity brother Luke Fedlam whom was in front of me as we ascended the corridor met up with him first. The guy asked if he could get him something to eat. Without hesitation or announcing what he was going to do. Luke to the guy “I got you bro”. Luke wasn’t aware that any of us saw what was transpiring but I pay attention to EVERYTHING. When we got to the front of the line. Luke bought the gentleman’s lunch. When he was about to pay for his own, I slid my card into the chip reader quicker than a thirsty person sliding into the DMs and paid for his lunch.

Goodwill is indeed the monarch of this house we call Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. It extends to all humankind. It is the intangible asset that most undervalue but to me it is the most precious of them all.

To all you haters, to all you trolls, close your eyes and picture me rollin'. Deuces Michael Nicholson - Hip Hop Fitness

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