Dancing makes you smarter

Why Dancing Makes You Smarter

* Dancing results in increased serotonin levels, the neurotransmitter responsible for enhancing many of the brain’s functions, both directly and indirectly, as I’ve talked about in other articles quite extensively, especially Tip #5: Eat the Right Foods.
* It reduces stress, which allows the brain to perform better as it’s not under a whole load of pressure. Pressure reduces our thinking rationale, and we tend to make rash decisions, which is not smart at all.

Michael Nicholson Dancing
Michael Nicholson Dancing with class

* Dancing improves your sense of of well being – again, another factor that will affect the way you think, and you tend to make smarter choices when you feel this way. Note that it is not just about mindset, the chemicals your brain gets from dancing contribute to this as well, so there’s a biological part to it.
* You learn better because of point no. 1 which I mentioned above. Serotonin enhances learning abilities, which means you take in more and better information when you do things, which you will use to apply to other aspects of life. You maximize your experience of doing something because you learn more out of it, so you will be able to make smarter decisions whenever you encounter another situation where you will use what you have learnt.
* Your memory is improved because of increased serotonin levels. I’ve talked about the benefits of memory on being smarter numerous times in other articles, which you might have already read, or if you have not, just explore the sections via the navigation bar on the right.
* You have a better appetite, and why is this important? The more you feel like eating, the more enthusiastic you will get about food, and you’ll take effort in choosing what you want to eat. Food has a huge impact on the brain, as I’ve talked about in Tip #5 and Tip #6. If you haven’t read those, scroll back up to click on the links and read them – you wouldn’t want to miss one of the most easily applicable things you can do to become smarter!
* You sleep better and the benefits of this on the brain is enormous, and the negative effects of having a lack of it is not very nice to hear too. Dancing will allow you to sleep better and get enough proper sleep through the night.
* Dancing increases your intelligence, because it requires a significant amount of decision making, based on your partner’s moves. When you dance, many aspects of your brain is used – kinesthetic, musical, rational and emotional – which would result in improved decision making, especially split-second decision making. You train your brain to create new neurological paths, which leaves you with more possibilities in solving problems.
* Your resistance to mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia is increased by 78% compared to if you don’t dance. This keeps you smart as you get older and the amount of synapses (neuron connections in the brain) reduces to less than two times of what you have when you’re young.

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