The Tragedy of Kanye

/ˈtrajədē/ an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress. This can range from a serious accident, crime or natural catastrophe.

It’s 6:11am on October 14, 2018 and I was awakened due to feeling great sadness. I had a traumatic flashback and was stuck there for about half an hour. I began to physically fight at things that were no longer there and felt it would be safer for me to just get up and blog. I must warn you that I may say something that is unpopular right now but here goes.

Bipolar disorder
A disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.
(I AM BY NO MEANS A THERAPIST) Just like you all. I have seen the award shows, the television and radio interviews (you can see these on YouTube) and have been paying attention to the news in which involves Kanye West. The man that most of us has touted as being a genius. The man who is dealing with mental illness. As someone who deals with mental illness myself. I started down the path of wanting to disown Kanye. The guy whose music and what at first appeared to be his attitude / swag that I admired. I began to say and see that Kanye is dead to me. He is not the voice for the community and generation that he once was. When in fact Kanye is exactly my voice as well as others who deal with mental illness, knowingly and unknowingly.

I would like to share my perspective. Individuals dealing with issues pertaining to mental health do not, I repeat DO NOT want to have to deal with such issues. Those of us that have are battling mental illness, want to be normal as we like to say. This simply means that we’d rather just deal with the regular problems that come with life as opposed to dealing with our mental health as well as those. Often times when we see someone display their mental illness. We join the crowd in shaming them and belittling them because we don’t want to see that in or be reminded of ourselves and by us admonishing them we then feel normal in that moment. That’s what I began to do with Kanye. Once I realized this I became really upset.

I felt that I had turned into those very same people who chose to make fun of and not understand me. I began to see in Kanye what most of us miss about mental illness (Now let me preference the following statement with I am by no means excusing all of his actions). To me it’s evident that the very help that a lot of people are saying that Kanye needs. He’s actually crying out for. He acknowledges at times that he is bipolar and other times he says “They say I’m bipolar…” He hasn’t totally owned his illness and this is often the case with those battling mental illness. His public appearances with the rants and outburst are a cry for help but we have just dismissed them as crazy moments and attention seeking. He indeed is trying to get our attention in his own mentally ill way. We however are ignoring it or just using it for an political agenda.

Cry for help
Cries for help often goes unnoticed.
If you investigate Kanye’s story. You will see he’s encountered a lot of pain in life. Such that has affected him tremendously. Most of you know that he grew up on the south side of Chicago, his parents divorced and he was raised by a single mother. It had become apparent that Kanye’s mother meant the world to him. So can you imagine what her death did to him mentally? Can you imagine what his accident did to him mentally? Can you imagine what just growing up in his environment did to him mentally? Kanye is crying for help. My question is what are those he now calls family doing to help him? Maybe they are doing something and we just don’t know or maybe they are so used to exploiting others for Fame and fortune that they just don’t care.

Maybe we shouldn’t disown Kanye. Maybe we should acknowledge his cry for help by somehow getting his new family’s attention by not supporting any of them financially and hitting up all their social media accounts with the message of GET KANYE SOME HELP PLEASE!!! The signs were there with other geniuses such as Robin Williams, Anthony Bordain etc and most missed them. Those that saw, dismissed them. Imagine if Kanye was next on that list of suicides. How would we all feel then? Is it that he’s not crying out for help or are we just not listening?

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